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It may not look it, judging from the perennial California sunshine alone, but it’s officially Autumn. And you know what that means? It’s just about time to break out the tall boots, cozy sweaters, deep colors, and prep for Fall hair and makeup.

This Fall, we’re going especially dark. All the way to the darkest, most effortlessly chic color there is: black.

Black is one of those colors that just works on everyone. It’s mood setting, sexy, and arguably serious. We’re not sure what black says to you, but to us, it says: I mean businessIt’s a fashion staple, and one of those few colors you can pull off from head-to-toe.



And some of our very favorite makeup looks include touches of black, from cat-eyed liner to smoky shadows. The latest trend, however, moves away from just the darkness we’ve come to know and love around the eyes, to a bold and unexpected black lip.

Black lips, alone or ombre’d, are a sure way to make a statement in the upcoming cooler months. This is a bit of a throwback, ’90s, grunge trend that’s making it’s way back around. But let’s face: what doesn’t come back around, right? And while fears of looking washed out may creep up, we think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by how complimentary this dark color can actually be.

Source unknown.

Source unknown.

When going this dark, it’s important to use a liner to avoid feathering into your face. Depending on the lipstick or lip tar you use, there will be a certain amount of bleed. A lip liner will ensure your color stays put. Many black sticks will dry matte, which is chic in its own right! But if you’re a glossy gal, add a clear gloss over the top and/or use a shiny lip balm beneath the color.

For added versatility, black lips also play well with other colors. We’ve seen everything from a deep purple at the center of black pouts all the way to a cool, green sheen. It’s important that you’re lips are in fairly good condition before you start mixing. Black will get caught in any cracks making it a challenge to add additional colors over the top.

Where to buy? Try Sephora, Mac Cosmetics, or your local drugstore. (And now may be a great time to grab the color with Halloween just around the corner!) Speak with a consultant who can test the sticks on you to ensure you get the creamy, matte, or shiny black you’re looking for.

What do you think of this trend? Give it a shot and let us know how it turns out! And if you’d like us to lend a helping hand, be sure to book your next make-up appointment with one of our MUAs.

We’ll see you soon!

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