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natural edgeDesign Essentials is a line of professional hair care products for women with various hair types, including natural. We’ve suggested the products to clients in our shop, and plan to carry the line ourselves very soon.

In the meantime, let’s talk edge control. Edge control isn’t always necessary (some of our naturalista Beautique Beauties go without). But for those of us who desire smooth and slick hairlines, edge control is a must. And when it comes to edge taming products, there are plenty of options to choose from including olive oil and shea based items. For the very best in sleekness and long-lasting hold, where do you begin?

Design Essentials Natural Honey Shea Edge Tamer is a great start. What most fear from their edge control product is that unsightly white residue that appears as the day goes on, and this product comes very close to eliminating the issue through moisture and shine. We’ve had clients from coarse to fair hair vouch for the cleanliness of this product, applauding how reliable and comforting it is.

Not only is the Edge Tamer clear for hours, it’s also effective. You won’t need to use a lot of this product to lay your edges down for a full workday or a night out. The hold is instant without being hard, and provides an instant moisture boost. The moldability of the product allows you to work your edges in any direction you please to get the most out of your style. Just using a small amount and blending with a small brush, comb, or toothbrush (old school technique!), you’ll find the product quick and easy to apply and go.

But, like most edge control products, the Design Essentials Natural Honey Shea Edge Tamer can surpass shine to just plain greasy if not used properly. If used on hair for multiple days in a row without washes, for example, the product will not maintain the same clarity or quality you might expect. Fortunately, a simple cleaning of the hairline or washing of your full head beforehand should do the trick.

An added bonus: the scent! Typical to the Design Essentials product line are the pleasing fragrances from flower and honey extracts.

If you’re looking to add a new product to your hair styling kit, give this a shot. The price may exceed that of similar products (it’s sold for $11.99 on the Design Essentials site, and can also be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply), but the pros far exceed the cons. For natural, relaxed, or installed hair, Design Essentials Natural Honey Shea Edge Tamer is the perfect way to polish off your ‘do.

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