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Transitioning may just be one of the most trying of hair challenges. And most of it comes from the awkwardness of being in between. Let’s face it. The in between stage is the worst! You just can’t escape the feeling of being unable to do anything worth doing with your hair. Oh, the turmoil.

But if natural is the goal – and the big chop is not an option – transitioning from relaxed locks little by little is the way to go. Here are some tips for keeping your sanity while in the transition period.

1. Avoid the heat & experiment with new styles – The urge to press or flatiron your natural hair into straight submission will be unavoidable. And why wouldn’t it be? You’re now dealing with two, sometimes very different, hair textures. But at all costs, avoid the heat. You don’t want to be forced into the big chop because you’ve broken off all of your relaxed hair at the point where it meets your natural hair. Too much heat will do that every time.

What solution do you have? Well, this is one of the best times to experiment with new styles. How about getting those braids you’ve been dying to rock? Or wearing a full weave for a bit while your hair grows underneath? If you opt out of extensions, try protective styles, rod sets, and/or flat twists for easy looks that last for days. You have plenty of options to keep you cute and stylish while you’re on your way to a complete natural ‘do.

2. Moisturize for health and strength - If you’re not in the habit of moisturizing and conditioning your hair regularly by now, you’re going to want to start right away. Natural hair won’t lock in moisture like you’re used to with relaxed hair, which means it will require more frequent maintenance.

Invest in a moisturizer you trust and allow your hair to soak in the oil for at least half an hour every few days. Leave-in conditioners can also do the trick and will go a long way for preventing breakage. Be sure to always condition your hair with each wash, letting the conditioner sit on your hair for a while longer than usual before washing it out. The extra effort will mean all the difference when you finally reach full transition.

3. Don’t give up! – There will be many days when you’ll want to give in to chemical straightening, but we urge you to stay strong. Yes, it’d be the easiest thing in the world to just reach for that container of relaxer and get back to business as usual. However, you’ll have to take our word for it that natural hair is worth the effort. You’d be amazed by how many Beautique Beauties have sat in our chairs frustrated by the transition, only to eventually reach their hair goal with absolutely no regrets.

The best way to reach completion is to keep the end in mind. With realistic goals and expectations, you’re sure to stay on track despite the temporary frustrations that may come your way. Hang in there. And remember why you started!

Are you thinking about transitioning to natural hair? Stop by our shop for tips, styling, and solutions to help you reach your goal. We’ll see you soon!

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