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Summer 2014 is the season of bright and bold lip color, with strong femininity. Soft faces gently touched with pink, purple, and orange hues make long-lasting statements for day and night, and are as easy to put on as they can be inexpensive to purchase.

Spring/summer fashion week revealed pops of color on the lips with far less drama and fuss on the rest of the face. And while lipstick took a deep, sexy turn last fall/winter, this season is looking much brighter, and still just as cute and flirty.

Take orange, for instance. This is definitely a color that will turn heads, and it happens to be one of those hues that works with just about every skin tone. With a selection ranging from soft apricots and peaches to bright and bold oranges, this is certainly a look worth trying.

Pinks are commonplace for makeup, even beyond the lips. And it’s also a color that works for a variety of skin colors, makeup looks, events, and more. Hot pink lips with simple black mascara is timeless and classic. Plus it’s quick and simple on the go, and works very well on ombre lips fading to purple.

Speaking of purple, Pantone’s color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, and it’s a sure winner for the summer. Lavenders, orchids, and violets comprise some of the best lip colors for the season – not to mention shadows, nail polish, and blush. It’s a color that has the potential to extend beyond the summer, and is super eye-catching on both darker and lighter skin tones.

Nude is another color that has lasted the test of time, being a staple of every season, every year. The perfect nude, however, is not as simple to find, as the range of nudes is so vast. Be sure to try on as many as possible, and reach out to an expert if you can to color match. Once you find yours, you’ll be sure to hang on to it for years to come.

Finally, we come to berry. Berry is in the classic red family, but has a softer look leaning towards red-violet. The thing about this color is that it also comes across as somewhat natural and effortless, as if the color could be your own. Whether matte or glossy, drugstore or top cosmetic, berry is a color made for summer and a crucial addition to your makeup set.

Get right on trend with some of our suggestions for summer lips below. These colors are available just about anywhere makeup can be bought, from Target to Sephora to Neiman Marcus. Enjoy your lovely lips for summer!

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