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There’s no doubt about it, our Beautique Beauties are flawless. And lucky for us, we get the opportunity to enhance your natural beauty with hair cuts, color, and styling.

Recently, we’ve added another service to meet this end as well: make-up! Our in-house MUA will take your look to the next level whether you’re stepping out for an event, going on a hot date, or simply enjoying an evening with the girls. Because, let’s be honest, there’s always a good reason for a beat face and laid hair, and we are at your service!

But until we see you next in our chairs, here are a few quick and easy tips you can do from home to keep your face in it’s very best shape.

1. Keep a neutral makeup palette handy Everyday makeup can be so time consuming, some of us skip it all together. But a lot can be done with simple highlighting to brighten your face for a workday and beyond. With a simple, neutral palette of eyeshadows, your eyes will pop. With a complementary blush, you can freshen your face with ease. Best part about it, is there’s no need to splurge on these items – especially the shadows. Drugstore makeup works well enough for days on the job and weekend errands. Just be sure to find the hues that work best with your eye color and skin tone.

2. Clean and shape your brows A face isn’t complete until the eyebrows are done – whether you’re full-on glam or super simple. Adding shape to your brows will lift every other aspect of your face from your cheekbones to your smile, which is always a good look. If you fill in your eyebrows, try a powder in a kit that can be purchased anywhere from Target, to Nordstrom, to Sephora. If powder isn’t your thing, a classic pencil still does the trick. And if natural works better for you, go for it. Just remember, cleaner is often better – as is fuller, if you can manage it.

3. Wash and moisturize your face – daily! We all know this is a good idea, right? But practice isn’t always easy. Especially after long days and nights. But cleaning and moisturizing our faces is absolutely crucial. This is where true skincare begins. And makeup is nothing without clean, healthy skin beneath it. Moisture through face lotions, creams, and drinking water has also been shown to slow the affects of aging. Hard as it is, make the time each evening to remove your makeup to keep your skin youthful, glowing, and healthy.

Enjoy these tips, and come in to see us for more. We look forward to styling your hair and doing your makeup soon. Book your next appointment today!


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