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"Woman Wearing Swim Cap" print available on

“Woman Wearing Swim Cap” print available on

Summer may not be here yet, but it sure feels that way here in the Bay Area. With temperatures reaching the nineties already, we’re ready to find the nearest pool or ocean and dive right in! In this kind of heat, the last thing we want stopping us are concerns about hair.

Alas, chlorine and salt walter don’t have to keep you sidelined all summer. Do more than just get your feet wet by protecting your hair with these three simple techniques.

Pre-soak your hair - What we’re suggesting here is that you basically get your hair wet before you get your hair wet. But not just with water. Use an oil or moisturizer to create a protective seal on your locks. This will help prevent the harshness of the chemicals or salt from fully penetrating your hair. If oil isn’t an option, for whatever reason, at least use shower water (often available near public pools and beaches) to prep your hair beforehand. The more potential damage you can keep out, the better. And this is an excellent way to have fun in the sun without worrying about the after affects.

Wear a swim cap – We understand. Who wants to wear a swim cap, right? Well, we would! Especially if it meant exploring the ocean floor freely and unbothered. Think about it. Even though swim caps don’t always block out all the water, they do block out a lot. And as we know by now, the more water we can avoid, the more we can keep our hair healthy and luxurious. Who knows? There may just be some stylish caps out there just for you, with both look and fit perfect for protecting your mane. Can we say new trend alert?

Wash thoroughly post-swim – What you do after your swim is over is absolutely critical to the maintenance and health of your hair. Countless horror stories have been told about the damaging affects of not washing hair properly post-swim. We cringe just to recall them! Don’t make the mistake of putting off your wash and condition. Clean hair is healthy hair. And it’s especially important to get chlorine and salt, which dries and breaks your hair, washed out as soon as possible – if even just quickly rinsed with cold water.

Try the below solutions for your wet and wild excursions this summer. And be sure to book your next appointment with Beautique Salon in San Jose.

1. Suave conditioner for before the swim is good because its inexpensive, so you don’t mind that its coming right out. Above all, it adds moisture.

2. Kera Care shampoo and conditioner brings back the natural PH balance of the hair. Keratin leave in conditioner is especially good for after the wash, and it’s great for chemically treated hair.

3. Bonus: Kera Care Essential Oil adds light moisture protection when styling.

We’ll see you soon!

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