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We sure are enjoying the heat! And we hope you are too. Because now is a great time to start thinking about our summer ‘dos – not just for ourselves, but for the little ones as well. We can’t get enough of these cuties! Not that this has anything to do with the newest addition to our own Beautique family… ;-)

Our children really do have a wonderful advantage it comes to hair. For one, they’ve probably not endured much damage by way of heat or chemicals just yet. And, with their limited responsibilities, there are few styling restrictions. Oh, to be young…

And we happen to love styling kids for all seasons! But now that school’s out, you may be in need of a helping hand to create something low maintenance that can last the summer days. We have you covered with an array of solutions that are both simple, cute, and creative. Set your little girl apart from the rest with clean looks that will keep you both happy all summer long.

Classic Cornrows

Who doesn’t like a braided beauty? Cornrows are a look that have withstood the test of time. And they’re so fun to play with! There are a plethora of styles and patterns to ensure you are never at a loss of ideas or options. What’s more, cornrows are easily accessorized with beads and bows which, let’s face it, we simply can’t resist. Take a look at some of these gems we found on the web. (Some are missing source credit – so whoever you are who did these amazing kid styles, kudos to you!)









Free & Natural

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy a good pouf every now and then. But can you blame us? Big, natural hair on grown-ups catches the eye, so why would kids be any different? This look can take a bit more maintenance than braids that last for a while, but it’s so worth it for parties, events, and more. A bonus look is to combine the two styles by braiding hair into ponies, then leaving hair free on the ends. Give it a shot!







Curly Girl

We all remember our press & curls from back in the day, right? Well this is another look that’s here to stay. There are many ways to accomplish this style – from classic rollers to new age wands – and it’s as cute as can be for growing girls. This is still a one-day or so style; but if wrapped well at night, it may allow for volume in the mornings, which essentially gives you two looks in one. Not too bad a deal, we say.









School’s out – let’s have some fun! What are some of your favorite kid styles? And what do you have in mind for summer? Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment for you and your little Beautique Beauty.

We’ll see you soon!

(Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.)

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