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Solange Knowles wearing box braids in high bun

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Box braids have been hot all summer long. And as we enter Fall, will you be rocking the cool, sexy style for the rest of the year? There’s a good case for why you should.

This easy-to-maintain look works for any and every occasion. From high buns to cute ponies, box braids are versatile and right on trend. Celebrities, such as Solange Knowles, have worn the waist length locks for some time now–and if you thought the braids worked well with summer dresses, tanks, and sandals, imagine the style sirens you’ll be setting off in layers, tights, and boots.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of this throwback look for 2012 and beyond:

Take risks! Box braids don’t have to be just your typical brown or black. Why not add a couple strands of color? Try some of the more non-traditional colors in small portions. Add a bright blue or purple, or go with a hue flattering blonde to really make your style pop.

Brandy wearing box braids in low ponytail

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While you’re at it, mix up your style routine. As mentioned above, the high bun is a trend that may be here to stay. But you might also enjoy a side french braid down to there for a casual day-to-night look–or a loose, low ponytail with a center or side part. Best thing about box braids? They look just as good up as they do down. Find the styles that work for you and keep them rotating with new ones as you discover them.

Keep it fresh. Maintaining box braids is simple with the right moisturizers and products. (We like Olive Oil Products, peppermint oils, or Motions Leave-In Conditioner Spray.) Be sure to spray your braids and oil your scalp as much as necessary–and use a silk or satin scarf when you sleep at night to keep your braids silky smooth and nice and shiny.

But what’s more important than shiny hair? Healthy hair. Although this should go without saying, we’re saying it anyway: you have to wash your hair! It’s so easy to let the time get away from you with this ‘do. But don’t. A dry, dirty scalp will have some major damaging effects. And if you swim or work out regularly, you’ll have to wash your hair even more frequently–which means adding even more moisture to replace what you’re losing.

Naturi Naughton formal high box braid bun

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Make a statement! So now that you have your box braids, how are you going to polish off the look? With accessories, of course! Box braids are perfect for beanies, head wraps, scarves, hats, and statement jewelry. Big earrings and chunky necklaces complement the locks just right. And no matter how formal or casual your attire, your hair will always be appropriately styled.

As for makeup, try a bright lip and cat eyes, or nude lips and smokey eyes. Or go all natural with a clean face to let your true beauty shine. Just about anything goes with box braids. They’re sexy and funky all at once, and go from cute to edgy in an instant.

How do you wear your box braids? Are they just a summertime trend, or are they built to last? Let us know in the comments below–and give us a call today to schedule your next appointment!

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