You know what you want.

You know what you want.

Smooth, polished styles that turn heads.

Smooth, polished styles that turn heads.

A hair salon that always aims to please.

A hair salon that always aims to please.

Welcome to Beautique - The Secret to Chic.

Welcome to Beautique - The Secret to Chic.

We are Beautique. Bay Area hair salon for all hair types.

We love doing hair. From cuts and curls to extensions and color - We do it all! Visit us at our cozy new shop in San Jose, CA and become a Beautique Beauty today.


Welcome to Beautique

We’re sisters. Hair styling is in our blood.

Our mother has owned and operated a hair shop for as long as we can remember, and we’ve finally decided to take on the hair biz ourselves with our very own salon. With our over ten years of professional experience and our faithful batch of clientele, we’ve opened up shop in San Jose, CA. We’re new. We’re small. We are Beautique.

Beautique Salon is located in the South Bay Area and we specialize in all hair types from black hair to natural. We pride ourselves on being experts and we work hard to stay current with industry trends and techniques. But our greatest commitment is to customer satisfaction. We understand our clients are busy, and we’re not here to waste their time. We’ll get you in and out and on with your day with a hot, new look that’s sure to stop the show!

But enough about us… We want to get to know you!  Make your appointment with Beautique Salon today. And be sure to like us on Facebook!


At Beautique, our main service is customer service. As long as you leave here satisfied, we know we're doing our job.



Prices below may vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Extension prices are quoted at consultation. We also offer discounted pricing for kids.


First time at Beautique?

Send us a message or give us a call to schedule your appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Styling & Cuts

  • Wash and Blow Dry – $35
  • Cut/Style – $60
  • Flat Iron – $45
  • Natural hair Flat Iron – $55
  • Natural hair styling – $60
  • Dreads – $75
  • Kinky twists – $120
  • Twists for short hair (Men) – $55

Relaxers & Color

  • Touch Up – $65
  • Virgin Relaxer – $90
  • Perm – $80
  • Temporary Color – $55
  • Permanent Color – $80

Braids & Extensions

  • Singles – $150 (Kids Singles – $120)
  • Cornrows – $55 (Men Cornrows – $45)
  • Fusion – $250
  • Sew-in (Half Head) – $150
  • Sew-in (Full Head) – $200
  • Sew-in with Takedown – $265
  • Malaysian Extensions – $700 (Partial), $1200 (Full)
  • Hollywood (Tape) Extensions – $120
    • w/ hair – Price quoted at consultation; depends on need of client
  • Micro Links* – $250  (per 75 strands)
    • w/ hair – Price quoted at consultation; depends on need of client

* Note that the average application is 150-200 strands for fullness, for thinning hair it is 225-250 strands and for length and fullness it is 250-300 strands.

* Any hair texture can be matched with a custom order. (Please allow an extra 7-10 days for custom orders.)



Welcome to our Hair Diary! Get expert tips on how to make the best of your style from home and see what's trending in the Bay Area and beyond.

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Is it just us, or does it seem like there’s a wedding just about every weekend now? Well, wedding season is clearly upon us, and not only is this is great news for the happy couples, but it’s also a joy for us here at Beautique. We just love the elegance and creativity that these [...]

Here at Beautique, we get a lot of questions on style maintenance. And with the growing popularity and prevalence of extensions, one of the main questions we’re asked is about keeping the hair clean without sacrificing quality or style. Well, we are always happy to help. The quick answer is to simply braid your hair [...]

It’s been quite a while, Beautique Beauties – and we’ve missed you so much! As the shop continues to grow (thanks to your support!) we’re back to bring you more Hair Diary tips to keep you fresh all year long. We hope you all are off to a fabulous 2013. Speaking of fabulous, what hair [...]

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